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A FUGUE IN THE QUAY OF SEA (2002) Artistic Excellence, “Art in Stitches” 39 inches by 48 inches

I can not remember a happier day than the one spent in the Kunsthaus in Vienna. It was there that I discovered the work of Friedenrich Hundertwasser; painter, weaver, architect, and environmentalist extraordinaire. I adore his work, and so, when I came to enter an exhibit where the work of a favourite artist was to be the theme, I chose not to copy Hundertwasser, but to let something of his style waft playfully through my depiction of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia (another of my loves). The 'tragedy' and 'comedy' in the lower foreground are a nod to the fact that Lunenberg has always been a fishing town, and has seen its fair share of both.

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